Committee Leadership

Interested in participating in Spark at a more in-depth level? Would you like to get to know the Spark leadership and learn how a non-profit is run? Join a Committee! Spark has three core committees:

  • Investment Committee – make decisions about who and how we support women’s organizations
  • Events Committee – strategize partnership, fundraising and community building opportunities

Contact us if you would like to join a committee. Additionally, please view our events calendar for committee dates.


In-Kind Professional Services

The organizations that we support—grassroots, start-up enterprises—are looking for financial resources but also tools that will help them scale their goals. We are looking for individuals and companies who want to share their talents and resources. Examples of service donations include everything from legal advice to logo design. We can facilitate service exchanges that are either one-off or ongoing.

If you would like to donate professional services, please contact us.


Event Volunteers

Spark hosts monthly networking events in New York and San Francisco. We need help managing those events. If you volunteer for a Spark event 3 times in a year, we will give you a complimentary membership. Volunteering is a great way to meet members, get to know our organization and receive complimentary access to events.

If you would like to volunteer for an event, please contact us for the event details.


Volunteer Opportunities with Partner Organizations


Grantee: NexGene Girls

  • Opportunity: External Communications – developing a Funder letter and a Corporate Sponsorship letter.
  • Opportunity: Legal Support – creating bylaws for becoming a 501c3.
  • Opportunity: Web Design – revamping the website and connecting with social media.
  • Opportunity: Graphic Design – creating a brochure.
  • Opportunity: Fundraising – shaping fundraising strategy.
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: Women Advocacy Project

  • Opportunity: Grant writing – developing a grant proposal.
  • Opportunity: Fundraising.
  • Opportunity: Budgeting & Accounting – establishing a comprehensive bookkeeping system.
  • Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: LONA

  • Opportunity: Crowdfunding.
  • Opportunity: Marketing & PR.
  • Opportunity: Event planning.
  • Opportunity: Volunteer management.
  • Opportunity: Legal assistance.
  • Location: Quito, Ecuador
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: Roatan Peer Health Exchange

  • Opportunity: Grant writing.
  • Opportunity: Budgeting and Accounting – help establishsing a bookkeeping system.
  • Opportunity: Branding – help updating the logo and creating a visual identity.
  • Opportunity: Fundraising.
  • Location: Roatan, Honduras
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: New Women New Yorkers

  • Opportunity: Branding – help creating a comprehensive branging strategy.
  • Opportunity: Graphic design – help revamping the logo.
  • Opportunity: Accounting – help developing a comprehensive accountng system.
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: Willpowered woman

  • Opportunity: Branding – help creating an advertising campaign and videos.
  • Opportunity: Peer-to-peer Fundraising Program Manager.
  • Opportunity: Board leadership.
  • Opportunity: Fundraising.
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: The Doula Project

    • Opportunity: Budgeting and Accounting – review of the current bookkeeping by a CPA.
    • Opportunity: Web Design.
    • Opportunity: Fundraising.
    • Opportunity: Legal Support – Intellectual property.
    • Opportunit: Community Space.
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org

Grantee: African Youth Alliance Group

  • Opportunity: Graphic and web designer to help design a new logo and website.
  • Opportunity: Accountant to help organize finances.
  • Location: Cameroon
  • Contact: programs@sparksf.org